GeoTek LLC has refined our proven methodology through scores of successful client engagements in the real world, which along with being deeply rooted in pragmatic best practices, is why it delivers results. You get access to proven strategies, conversion-focused creative, best-in-class technology, and transparent analytics in the right amounts, at the right time and in the right order.

Methodology of IT functions, as follows:

Custom Projects

Define your project objectives, set non-negotiable requirements, and tell us your constraints, and we’ll handle the rest. We can form a custom project team and manage your project from start to finish to deliver the outcomes you desire. As part of this engagement, we:

  • Source proven and experienced professionals,
  • Oversee end-to-end project execution, and
  • Ensure satisfaction through iterative, milestone-based assessments.

Professional Consulting

Get expert advice and hands-on guidance to scale your technological and business challenges. Our network of professionals, academics, and business leaders can deliver transformative insights to help you make the best decisions to achieve growth and sustainability.

  • Access to subject-matter experts and consultants,
  • Assessment and analysis of your business problems, and
  • Strategic advice from thought leaders.

Managed Services

Delegate the bulk of your personnel management tasks to us and have a fully-managed workforce of skilled employees to meet your evolving business needs. Dedicate more of your time and key resources towards strategy and expansion while your operations are handled for you. This engagement includes:

  • End-to-end service management,
  • Transparent reporting on performance, and
  • Continuous assessment and process improvement.

High-Volume Hiring

Upscale your operations swiftly with ease through our mass hiring service. Build or revamp your workforce with the best in the market, regardless of how niche or general your skill requirements may be. This engagement includes:

  • Workforce requirement planning,
  • Background checks and screening, and
  • Training and performance management.

Our digital engineering culture

1000+ world-class product, design, and engineering pros residing in our thriving communities of talent, called Guilds. With a goal of better user-experiences, they collaborate to infuse technology, design and product-led thinking at every step.

Masters of transforming while performing

To enable our clients to evolve their traditional business, a digital-first mindset is central to our approach. Every day, we collaborate within our Guilds of technical specialists who we bring together as cross-functional, client-dedicated Pods that deliver results and innovation to clients.

The power to scale

Our extensive client relationships and deep industry expertise catalyze our ability to scale quickly and efficiently. Our people-focused mindset puts consumer needs ahead of technology and allows us to deliver industry-first products that match tomorrow’s user expectations.


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